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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Has it REALLY been THAT LONG?!?!?!

Man, life throws you into the ocean sometimes, and I've been trying to survive the rising and falling seas for a couple years now! It seems I've landed ashore, safe and sound, battered, bruised, wiser, and with a new resolve.

It's with that thought in mind I'm going to share a very simple recipe for a soup. YES, A SOUP IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER! There's reasons... let me explain!

So, in the past year, I made my way from Everett, Washington (north of Seattle), to Erie Pennsylvania (my home town, to visit cousins and friends for several weeks), to Cleveland, Ohio where things didn't quite go right, to Sumter, South Carolina (and spend time with my family of origin), and finally landed in Concord, North Carolina, north east of Charlotte NC. (NOTE: NO! I will not become a Carolina Panthers fan! GO HAWKS!)

In all of this travel, I made it a mission to get back into shape and work out again- things I really love. Also, to get back to cooking smart, healthy, and feeding my belly, soul, and this blog! And hopefully my friends as a result! You know- no one leaves my house hungry, and "the food don't suck here!"

So, the dogs and I walked, and walked, and walked- sometimes over 11 miles a day! We went to the dog parks, we took my aunt Bonnie to the dog park with us! Great dog therapy, and it turned out she went from taking her rollator-walker and only moving for about 5 minutes, twice during the visit, to taking a cane, usually leaving it by the picnic tables, and throwing the ball for the dogs! They loved it of course!

One of the first visits.