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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Changes coming...

Hey all! Great news- I'll soon be adding photos, and possibly video to the blog site! And, in addition, I'm going to work to target the weekly grocery store food ads, and design a couple meals that are gourmet, or restaurant quality, based on what's on sale at the local markets. And, being that I'm so accustomed to being a busy single dad that works, I'll show you how to be frugal with your time, your ingredients, and maximize your fun and flavor!

And, if you know anything about me you know that I love to cook for my friends. That is part of the reason for building this site- my friends and family all live too far away. So, I can't just make dinner and have them stop by anymore! In lieu of that, I can teach you how to cook the same great food I want to share with you- what I'd cook for you if you were here! It's all about the love, and I've got 5 minutes of love for everyone!!! A few more minutes for you, and you... and you over there!! (Fred, where are you??? I've got a few more minutes of love for you brother!)

This is going to be a blast! And, I will even take requests! So, please-share my link with your friends and co-workers, and let's build up a community around this, have fun, eat well, and share our food, our love with others!!


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