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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's get started!!! LET'S COOK!

Alright everyone! I've decided it's time to share some of my favorite, original recipes, some cooking and preparation tips that I've learned over the years, and put them all in one place for all my friends and family.

Having been a single dad, planning ahead was always necessary, and became an invaluable tool for me. Why just grill a couple of burgers, when I could grill the chicken and the zuchini at the same time, and use them later in the week. And, why cook just 1/2 a pack of bacon? Cook it all, and freeze it if necessary. And, having been health conscious over the years, I found ways to maximize flavor and reduce my fats and oils- they're necessary, but I learned to used them sparingly. I think I've developed some good habits, and still fit in to pants I bought years ago, and I eat well, and often!!!

Finally, I'm very frugal- I hate to see anything go to waste. That has pushed me to be creative in my dishes, and creative in how I use my ingredients or foods. Why would I ever let orange rinds go down the drain, when I can peel, dry and store the rinds, and eat the orage, and compost the pithe? Dried orange rind is expensive in the store! Add a little orange, lemon, or lime rind to tea, cookies, sauces, or even mixed drinks and build the flavor, and the smells of what you're eating and drinking!

So, I'll to my best to keep this updated at least weekly. I'll even take requests! And, I'll even admit when something doesn't turn out right! I'm not Julia Child, but I play her on TV...

For me, there's nothing better than sharing food with my friends and family. Since so many of you live beyond a reasonable drive's distance from me, this blog site will just have to do!

Here's to eating well! Michael

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