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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bomb threat??? Can all that wait until I get some food?

So, I was in Port Angeles on Tuesday, enjoying a bit of a road trip with Cheryl. The weather wasn't great, but autumn colors and tall evergreens, and the lure of a ferry ride to the Olympic Peninsula beckoned nonetheless. One hell of a long drive, and no sign of orcas, but passing through spots like Port Gamble where the original 1790's Navy officers' houses still stand watch over the harbor get you day dreaming about tall gun ships with billowing sails drifting,.. drifting...

After taking care of Cheryl's "work stuff" at a job site, it was time for a late lunch downtown Port Angeles. I haven't been there in a good 20 years or more, so it was all new again. We circled through downtown and then decide on where to be fed. That's when we started seeing cops flying through town... FAST! Lights a-blazin'! Sirens SCREEEEEEAming... What the heck??? There goes 2... 3... 5... I counted 18 cops, sheriffs, and boarder patrol vehicles when we got to the end of "the strip" downtown. YIKES... Well, hell, let's get food!

So, we decided to stop at Rick's Place, and get a few sandwiches. Wasn't crowded since it was about 2:30... but clean, windows staring out at the sidewalk and street; separate bar all decked out for Halloween. Booooooze... mmmm.... but, I  digress.

The online menu doesn't do justice to the place. They had great names for burgers and sandwiches, like "She loves me, she loves me hot" burger with a ton of sauteed jalapeƱos. They've got typical bar food, wings etc. But, they also have homemade soups! (No substitutions, though!) And, for lunch, they have a $5 specials menu! KILLER!!! Cheryl had the French Dip (a bit light on some killer roast beef, but the au jus was extra tasty), and I couldn't pass up the "Hot Italian"... being one myself. Lemme just say, I was running outta water! I was figuring a sausage sammy with peppers and pepperoncinis and cheese, grilled and toasty. Oh, it was that, but it was loaded with FIERY HOT Italian sausage, and extra hot pepperoncinis! And, it was soooooo good! Both came with a heap of DAMN good fries- lightly breaded I think, and not a hint of grease or oil anywhere! There was enough food on the plates that neither of us left with clean plates. All that, for $5/each- highly recommend it! And, it distracted us from all the fuzz we saw earlier. (Turned out it was a bomb threat at the federal building. They have a federal building??? REALLY???)

So, if you're in the area, heading to Forks maybe for some Twilight tours... take a break and hit Rick's, AND THEN, you can go to the Twilight store a couple blocks away, and get your cardboard cutouts of your fav teenie bopper stars... of which I have no interest!!! But, hey... for you, ya' know?!

Mange Bene!

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